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Charlie goes missing!
Season 1
Created by Jazatz2
Directed by Jazatz2
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I Want You Back
My Best Friend is a Vampire? Pt 1
Someones been keeping secrets in the Duncan family! After Charlie goes missing Amy Duncan starts to think someone in the family took her.


"It had to be you... GABE!" yelled Amy

Gabe told them he never spent any time wit hcharlie and wouldn't it be obious if he had hid a baby in his room he shares it with PJ after all

"Good points then it must of been you.. Kayla Duncan" Yeleld Amy

"Come on mom she can't even talk!" protested Teddy

"Good point"

Then, the family looked all over town for her at Ivy's hosue they found nothing. they went looking everywhere at her day care, Teddy's school, Gabe's school, they even looked at Jo's house. Then it hit them, Spencer that double lying lire! he msut of took her. But when they arrived Charlie was not there. The Duncan's where confused, until they saw Charlie sitting on the basement couch... The End