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Uncle Theodore Blu
Big Ben
Season 4
Created by Jazatz2
Directed by Jazatz2
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Raymond's Treasure
Dabney became Flatney

Plot Edit

Ash's Uncle Theo invites them (Blu family & Duncan family) to London, England. Before they leave Raymond tells Pj and Gabe about a treasure Uncle Theodore Blu hid in Big Ben. When they arive in London the first thing Pj and Gabe do is head for Big Ben to find the treasure. They have no success though. The rest of the family go to a hotel in downtown London, nearby where Theo lives. They talk have some tea and have a smashing time. The next day Pj and Gabe search again while Amy runs into a "young and handsome entrepreneur" That night They plan a "date" without Bob's knowledge. After a good night out they decide for another date the next night. The next day Pj and Gabe finally ask Theo where the treasure is. He laughs at them and tells him that it was His great uncle Theodore's treasure. He laughed and gave him the treasure a love poem he wrote to his wife. Pj and gabe were dismayed. Meanwhile Raymond tipped Bob about Amy's "date" tonight. It turns out the "entrepreneur" that Raymond described a newspaper seller and Amy was a the ice rink with him helping him with hockey. Amy questioned bob asking him how he could ever believe she would cheat on him. Their relationship became a bit shaky after this.