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Twins are 2!
Season 3
Created by Puppylog
Directed by Puppylog
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Charlie's Pet Pony

Kayla is 2!


In this episode of good luck cahrlie wiki the twins sre turning 2!


Its the twins birthday.But everyone is somewhere.Amy and Bob are catching another mouse for Allie and Kayla and doing it as a exterminator job.Teddy and Charlie are at the mall and Pj and Gabe are at the ball park for Gabe's baseball practice.Teddy and Charlie for there birthday get them toys and pretty dresses.Gabe and Pj give them souveneirs from the park.After Amy and Bob return home.Gabe and Pj are there.Gabe complains that practice was horrible and how he got hit with the ball 2 times."BALL PIT" Charlie screams."Okay i guess we can stay a little bit." Teddy says.


"UH OH.CHARLIE!CHARLIE!I FELL ASLEEP WERE GONNA BE LATE FOR THE PARTY.GAAAAAAA" Teddy screamed as she was running down the mall with Charlie.


"where are the girls" Amy asked."They'll be here.Just give them some time" Bob said to Amy.Amy set out the cake " im concerned.The party starts in 4 minutes!"Amy said concerned.Teddy was in her car.Driving as fast as she could."will we be thure" Charlie asked."I don't know Charlie.I really don't know" Amy was about to sing Happy Birthday."WERE HERE" Teddy yelled.They made it on time and was ready."HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE AND KAYLA.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUU" "chachacha" Charlie said when they were done singing.They loved they're presents and everyone was eating cake."You know.Maybe having 6 kids isn't so bad after all"Amy said happily.


  • Allie and Kayla's first mouse is mentioned again the first being Twins are 1!
  • It was unknown until now that gabe played baseball or any sport
  • It is unknown where Allie and Kayla are until the ending
  • This is the first episode created by Puppylog a good luck charlie fanon wiki user