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The Skyler vs. The Jen vs. The PJ is the continuation episode of The Skyler vs. The Jen.


PJ tries to sort out his feelings for Skyler and Jen. Amy thinks her marriage is falling apart and thinks of counsling. Meanwhile, Teddy, Gabe, and Jo are stuck doing work for Mrs. Dabney after she catches them in her house.


Continued CliffhangersEdit

The episode continues the cliffhangers from the episode, The Skyler vs. The Jen. Here are the results of the cliffhangers.

  • The episode starts off with Amy and Bob in the kitchen. Bob tells Amy he hasn't worn his ring in a while because he could never find it and never had time to look except for that day. Amy walks out of the kitchen, thinking that her marriage is falling apart.
  • The next scene switches to PJ at Jen's house. PJ says to Jen, "I don't know Jen, I don't know." Jen slams the door on PJ's face. After calling after Jen's name for 30 minutes, PJ goes home.
  • The last cliffhanger is when Ms. Dabney is about to open the closet door. Kaboodle shrieks in the kitchen and Ms. Dabney goes running after to see if he's ok. That's when Teddy, Gabe, and Jo make a run for it. They make it out the back door but when Ms. Dabney starts to go outside, Gabe has to hide in Kaboodle's play pin and Teddy and Jo get away. Ms. Dabney opens the play pin to put Kaboodle in there and finds Gabe. Gabe sells out Teddy an Jo so he won't be the only one getting in trouble. Ms. Dabney tells them they have to do work for her as a punishment.
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