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Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.3:Teddy and the Beast
Break up
"I'm sorry Jason but I still love Ash"
Season 2
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
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Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.2:Ash is Back
Charlie Ever After
Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.3:Teddy and the Beast is the 3rd and Final Part of Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Arc.


When Teddy goes with Ash,Katie,and PJ to the Premeire of Uh...DUH! as a goodbye party for Katie she dicovers she still has feelings for
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They're back Together!(Gif,clik on it to move)

Ash.She tries to shake the feeling but she can't.She decides to get Ash back.However after a date with Jason she relizes she is in love with him too.She has trouble decideing.Teddy Decides she truly loves Ash and Breaks up with Jason.Out of sadness Jason leaves town.Teddy and Ash then Go to the Blu Mansion and Share a smoothie.

this episodes "Promo Picture"


  • Katie moves back with her mom in this episode.However she will come and go.
  • This is the 3rd time Hannah Blu is in a movie
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