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Aunt Betty Duncan
Season 3
Created by Puppylog
Directed by Puppylog
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Twins are 2!
Kidnapped Kayla part 1


The Duncans get stuck in there bathroom and do whatever it takes to get out.


It was a peace loving day for the Duncans.Everyone was happy."Bob i need you to watch Allie and Kayla for me I have to go to the bathroom." Amy said.Bob played with them and they're toys.There was a pounding sound."BOB.HELP IM STUCK." Amy yelled."okay coming" Bob replied.He came with the twins.But could'nt open it."KIDS.I NEED YOUR HELP" Bob yelled upstairs.Teddy,Gabe,PJ,and Charlie came down.They all budged and finally got it open."Guys you better go I need to go if you know what i mean" PJ said.But they didn't hear them.He closed the door."PJ" they all screamed."What?" he asked."That door is stuck which means were all STUCK!" Amy screamed.They didn't know what to do."Teddy.get your phone maybe you can call someone" Gabe said to Teddy."uh oh.Wheres my phone?" Teddy asked.She heated a splash and there was her phone in the toilet.PJ was jumpin around."Whats your problem" Gabe asked him."I have to go" he said."Go wher......oh PJ" Teddy replied to everyone turned around."What are we going to do" Amy asked."Wait.Did you hear that"Bob asked."Yeah it sounded like the front door"Teddy said.They looked at each other and banged as long as they could.The door swung open."BETTY?" Bob yelled.It was Bob's sister and as the kids would call her Aunt Betty Duncan."so you didn't tell us you were coming over" Amy said while holding Charlie."I wanted it to be a surprise.But it was a surprise" She siad.So they talked and she finally left and before Amy and Bob went to bed Amy asked "I thought you only had one sister?"."Yeah she is that sister"."oh" and the kids saw her more often then they expected.


  • It isn't told ho Teddy's phone got in the toilet but it got in there by Kayla
  • since this is the first appearence of Aunt Betty the next ep. created by puppylog might be about her