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"Escaping from a pixilated world can be diffucult mahahahahaha"- Rachel Tecno

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The Duncan Home
Season 1
Created by Jazatz2
Directed by Jazatz2
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Pixelated Duncans
Blu Drama

This Episode is the last in season 1,and an hour long special

The BeginingEdit

The whole thing started when Pj's old girlfriend followed him home and trapped the duncans in her mad crazy pixaleted world...


Scene 1Edit

The Duncans where falling from the sky into this new world everything was pixelated and computerized. Gabe thought he was in heaven at first and ran off before anybody could stop him.Then you could here Rachel's voice on a megaphone,"Hello Duncans you are mine, mine, MINE! Mhahahahahahahhakh-cough" Then a bunch of robots came in all directions trying to capture the Duncans. They succeeded, except they didn't catch Gabe.

Scene 2Edit

"Welcome to Rachel's Castle of True Horror and Robots" read the sign they entered into the castle. They were her slaves now working in the mills making food for their majesty, Queen Rachelle Cynthia Techno. Meanwhile, Gabe has found himself at the far end of the Pixel World where all the misfits and errors are found. Gabe is amazed seeing all this videogame stuff inside here. Old charcters such as Super Fario, and Sonic the Cat. It seems as if Gabe is in heaven taht is until a bunch of 0101010 viruses start to chase after him. "Stop," Gabe yells but it's no use. Gabe eventually learns the secrets to the viruses and errors and plans to use them to aid him in saving his family. "C'mon lets go!" yells Gabe at the old programs and viruses, "we have a castle to take over!"

Scene 3Edit

The camera zooms in on Gabe who is riding horse-like virus towards he casle. Gabe is now dressed in a cowboy outfit. Gabe finally arrives at teh castle but something awaits him, Sparky Rachel's pet robot dog. And boy is Sparky angry!

it's Sparky

Sparky jumps up at Gabe making him fall of the error.Meanwhile Charlie is een to slip though the prison walls being so tiny. Gabe thought this was the end for him, until Charlie comes out and drools on Sparky making him short circuit.

Sparky blows up, this scares the other robots to run away. Gabe and Charlie are heroes they rescue the family and head for home.

Scene 4Edit

The Duncans had just been freed but not long after Rachel shows up with the new and improved sparky. She calls him Sparky 2.0. He looks even worse than the original. Tis looks like the end for the Duncan. But reamber that drool from charlie? Well it started to short-circuit the whole Pixel World. This was the end of it all. The Duncan where back at home with hardly any damage. Rachel however, was stuck in the cyber space world and never seen again.

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