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It is the Duncans annual Prank Day


Amy walked down the stairs then looked both ways for Gabe. She always hides from him on Prank Day because he is the Pranking King. She phewed and stepped then flung in the air in a net.Gabe showed up " HAHAHAHAAHA it loks like the king has got you!Only 5 to go....conunting Toby" he walked away. "Gabe when i get out of here you are sooo grounded" Amy said angry.Bob was in the bathroom reading his newpaper and bent down to get toilet paper but what he got was a spray paint in the face! Gabe jumped in "4 to go" he said happy.Bob wiped his face and thought: boy that kid is in trouble.Teddy was with Spencer talking Gabe walked in and lied through his teeth " Teddy were getting a dog!" Teddy jumped "Really! lets see it" she said."He is right here" he said then took a wipe and put it all over her face. Spencer stared. Gabe ran away to PJ. Gabe showed up in PJ's apartment.He was not there.He messed his room up and PJ walked in.Tripped on a wire and looked up at Gabe. He ran out.Gabe showed up at Charlie he sprayed stuff at her but she ducked and threw Toby's rattle and it hit him. Charlie said "Gwotcha" then the whole family came and pranked him te whole time and knew it was coming. Gabe stared sadly "I'm a fraud" he said walking away.The Duncans Prank Day went very well.