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Pixelated Duncans
Rachel tecno
a pic of the crazy girl Rachel
Season 1
Created by Jazatz2
Directed by Jazatz2
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New Girl
Return To Home

Rachel Tecno dated Pj when they were 14 now she has come back for revenge after he dumped him. Rachel has sent Pj into a pixaled world of her own. After Gabe finds out he jumps in. Bob and Amy are sent to trial for embezzlement from amy's work. That leaves Teddy watching her three little sisters

Episode SummaryEdit

First Pj relizes he forgot the keys in the bug truck but when he goes back to get them a surprise awaits him. His old gitlfriend Rachel was there! Rachel then zapped him into the Pixel World. Gabe hears rachel and thinks the pixel world is like a giant videogame and jumps in. Meanwhile Amy is at work and a co-worker
Crazy girl
is found stealing money from the donations box and gives it to amy when cops come they take amy to court for her Thought to be embezzlement. Amy calls bob on her cell who comes to the trial with her. Teddy then gets a call saying she has to watch the kids which means she has to cancel her plans with Ivy to go to the mall. Pj and gabefinds pixel world to be terrible. Rachel makes them slaves in her Pixalated Kingdom and plans to capture all the duncans. Teddy is having triple
Pj in Pixel World!
trouble watching the three younger sisterswhen Charlie gets ill. Amy Losesher trial and is thrown in a 2 year sentence to state prison Making bob furious. That night Amy sneeks out of jail and back home. In the act of doing so this freaks out Teddy who bangs her with a bat mistaking her for a burglar. After everything gets sorted out Rachel jumps out and the episode end

End CreditsEdit

Rachel jumps out and uses her lasre on the duncans so The Rest of the duncans get sucked into pixel world by rachel setting the scene for Return To Home