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Teddy with her fangs in her imagination


Teddy finds out Kathy actually is a vampire. She get's ok with it until she overheard Kathy talking to her other vampire friends her say she is going to have them suck the blood out of others- including her! She does research on vampires and figures out if someone sucks your blood and you don't suck drink human blood for another 28 days you die. When Teddy see's Kathy with her friends Kathy waves but Teddy runs Grace and Mike (Kathy's vampire crew) chase her but loose her. However, Kathy get's her and bites her futhermore Teddy get's turned into a fledgling.


Kathy: We will feed on the young 10th graders, teddy, emmett etc

Teddy: Oh No!

Ivy: What up ted, ted

Teddy: Em well im gonna get bitten by kathy.

Amy: You did what!

PJ: Nothing!

(Teddy enters with Ivy in pain)

Amy: What happened?

Ivy: She got bitten

(PJ Laeves the house and meets the hot kathy.)

Pj: hey girlfriend

Teddy: PJ?.... PJ? Huh (Teddy sees kathy)

PJ: Im sick,

Teddy: You, you bitten me

Kathy: Well, I might bite your brother next, and then I will get your..

Charlie: KILL KATHY!


  • Teddy get's turned into a vampire.
  • This is this second episde of the vampire arc.
  • Dad and Gabe are absent in these ones.
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