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Movie Moving Time!
Besties 2
Besties 2!
Season 2
Created by User:Jazatz2
Directed by User:Jazatz2
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Twins are 1!
The Break up,The Make up,and The Babysitter
Hannah gets a bigger part in the new movie Besties 2. The Blu family now has to move for the movie shoots. can Teddy show her love for Ash before he leaves?

Summary Edit

Teddy sees moving trucks down the road by the Blu Mansion. Teddy goes to check it out and can't believe her eyes the movers are moving everything. Teddy gets very worried she will never get to show her true feelings for Ash.Ivy thinks she's over reacting saying Hannah isn't gonna get the part anyway! This calms down Teddy temporarily until Pj tells Teddy Hannah wasn't at school. Then Teddy runs into Ash at school and asks why are you still here. Ash replies saying only Hannah's Moving and that she shouldn't be so nosy. Teddy feels embarrassed for being so stupid.

Side Plot Edit

While being babysat by Jen, Gabe has to try and make a history movie with Jo about the Revolutionary War. When Jen volunteers to be the leading lady, Jo begins to get irritated with her cute, niceness.

Trivia Edit

  • Ash starts to dislike Teddy setting the stage for upcoming events.
  • Hannah leaves but is seen in Hollywood