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Gabe and PJ decide to build some inventions that will win in a convention (a time machinae and a personalize sliter). Teddy accedently makes two of her, one that crushes and the other taking care of cahrlie and hanging with ivy. Things get double trouble when the twins get made into one twin, the boys must mend it meanwhile Ash thinks there is something wrong with teddy and finds out when seeing the two teddies. Amy tells Jo all about gabes baby till child life. When things are back to normal, gabe sees jo with his parents and goes purple.

In the end, Mrs Dabney, edits the time machine to get revenge from Gabes mischevious leading to the next episode.


  • In the next episode, the boys get in trouble from the time machine and the personalizer by mom at the end.
  • Bob is absent in this.
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This is a special episode