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Little Orphan Hilda
Season 3
Created by Wikia Conbritior
Directed by Wikia Conbritior
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Confronting Skylar

One day, PJ is in the park while he sees a little 1 yr old orphan Hilda, running loose and decides to look after her.


PJ sees an Orphan (or so he thinks) and asks if she is lost. She said wes, My name is Wilda? PJ decides to call her Hilda and takes her home. PJ asks Mom what to do. Mom says "Put Lost n Found signs up". PJ is determined to find who the baby Hilda belongs to meanwhile Teddy invites Kathy, Ivy, Alice Warthimer and other girls over which ends up as a result of Crazy Girlz. The Next day, Mom comes up and starts embarrasing the girls meanwhile Bob and Gabe teach Charlie, and the twins about Nersury. Charlie thinks she's better than the girls and becomes bossy yet selfish with girls "Oh Im better than you", Im "1 and you are 2-None!" and such quoates. PJ takes Hilda the park, just as PJ isn't looking, Hilda crawls away finding Skylar "Where have you been Hilda" said Skylar as she took her daughter home.


  • Skylar (PJ's Girlfriend or ex-girlfriend) is Hilda's mother, meaning PJ could be Hilda's father.