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White chapel is for me and Jessie only!!

Voice in Kayla's head

Kayla you may think like an adult now... But you cannot act as one.... No one shall know...

Duncan house

Ahh! Just a nightmare. He... I can talk! Kayla said half asleep. Wait... But i can't talk to people... But I can?' Kayla said. She fell back into her bed trying to get a good night sleep

White chapel high

Well we have to turn her back to normal right? Benny sad. Right. They all replied.

Benny's house

All we have to do is get her to sip this and she'll be normal ... But... But what? Sarah cut Ethan off. If she becomes mortal... Someone becomes immortal. Who? Rory said. Whoevers closest to the potion. Ethan replied.


Kathy... Jesse said. Yah? Erica replied. I lost my vampire powers. You'll get them back... No. Permenantly.

Duncan House

I can't believe we're stealing a baby! Benny said ... Awesome. He and Ethan replied. Is anyone there? Amy said. They were in Kayla's room. Grab her and go! They quickly tip-toed down the stairs not making one sound.


Here. We'll leave the bottle by her and she'll hopefully drink it. Ethan explained. Drink it? What does it do? Well they took pretty good care if me so I guess... Kayla thought. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. She swallowed it. Black angel wings appeared on Jesse. He was closest to her. Yes! Now we can own Whitechapel Kathy! Lets go, hottie! Kathy said excitedly

Duncan house

Now we just slip her back into bed. Benny said. Kayla didn't remember anything. And everything In the duncan house went back to normal.

But Whitechapel is endangered and it's up to Rory, Ethan, Benny, and Sarah to save it! On their next advenutre!

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