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Katasy & Hartly
Season 2
Created by User:Jazatz2
Directed by User:Jazatz2
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Katasy & Hartly, by User:Jazatz2, is currently under construction. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

After Stella Hartly joins Jen Katasy's book club they start to fight over who should be the leader. Stella also has problems that Teddy Duncan is a member and wants to eliminate her.


Stella signs up for the book club, that Jen owns. Its the first meetiong of the year and things don't go so well Stella can't stand that Teddy's there and Jen is sick for the first meeting. Stella takes charge and runs a fairly well book club. Then next week when Jen is better, Jne yells at Stella to levae but stella sais it her book club. Then the two girls start to fight eachother. Meanhwile Pj is bored at home because Jen is at book club he desiceds to dig through an old box i nhis closet. Pj finds and old video game called Galaxy Warz 4. gabe thinks its lame at first becasue the grapghics are terrible but then they both get opssed with playing it. Then back at the book club Stelal ends up winning but a bunch of the girls (including Teddy) decide to open their own book club with Jen as their leader. The two book clubs persitantly try to persuade the otehr to join starting an even bigger book club war. meanwhile abck at the house charlie si seen getting a hold of the ver violent Galaxy Warz 4 game.