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A season 3 episode where Ivy has a baby sister.


(Teddy and Ivy are at the mall)

Teddy: Ok, so we have 15 minutes, where should we go?

Ivy: How about the phone store?

Teddy: Okay, then let's go!

(after Ivy got a phone)

Ivy: Wait, I have a text. (picks up phone)

Teddy: Well, I gotta go home.

Ivy: (gets off phone) Wait!

Teddy: What?

Ivy: It was my dad calling. He says I'm having a BABY SISTER!!

Teddy: *look of shock*

(theme song begins)

(Amy is at home)

Amy: GABE!

Gabe: Yeah mom?

Amy: It was your teacher calling,

Gabe: Oh, well-


Gabe: Really?!

Amy: Yes! Even in conduct! And as a reward, Bob and I have gotten you a dog! :D

(a pug comes out)

Amy: His name is Pebble!

Gabe: But mom! I wanted a BIG dog! One that could beat up my enemies!

Amy: Well, too bad! He costs a whole $7! Well, 6.99....

Gabe: (sigh)

(Teddy and Ivy come in screaming of joy)

Ivy: Omigosh! Yay!

Teddy: Now you can make video diaries, too!

Ivy: Oh, I don't do that geeky stuff.

Teddy: Well...


Commercial lady: Blah blah blah meercats blah blah blah insurance blah blah blah yogurt

(Gabe with his dog)

Gabe: Come on, Chomper, sit, sit.

Chomper: (pees on Gabe's video game)

Gabe: Aww, Chomper! (puts Chomper outside)

Gabe: (walks downstairs pouting) Stupid Chomper...

Amy: Gabe, every dog needs to be trained!

Gabe: But this one's stupid!

Amy: No, if you think he's stupid, then you're the real stupid one.

Gabe: I guess.... (sigh)

Amy: Then let's train him!

(camera flashes through weeks and weeks of training, day and night)

(Ivy and Teddy are with Ivy's mom)

Mrs. W: The baby is coming in 2 days! I should get to the hospital!

Ivy: Her name is Mary Claire.

(Amy and Gabe at home)

Gabe: Great, Chomper is finally trained! Sit Chomper!

Chomper: (sits)

Gabe: Roll over!

Chomper: (rolls over)

Gabe: :)

(1 week later)

Mrs. Wetz: (holds up sleeping baby)

Ivy: Teddy, this is Mary Claire

Teddy: Awwww.....

(at dog show)

Announcer: And the most obidient dog is........................................ Chomper!!!!!!!

Gabe: Another one to go with 27 other ribbons!

(at video diary)

Teddy: So, that's how it happened. Now, you have a little friend named Mary Claire!

Gabe: And what else?

Teddy: And a new puppy named Chomper, who has 28 dog show blue ribbons, so if you ever want to win a dog show....

Gabe: Well you have some good luck, Charlie.