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Jo Keener and Gabe have become seriously close friends. Is it time for the big Date?


Gabe asks Jo if they wanted to start dating. Gabe knocks on Jo's door. Nobody answars but Jo and Gabe is invited in. Gabe and Jo enter Jo's room and Gabe asks about the room. Jo tells him she's goth themed. She lets Gabe stay over for a sleepover and Mom agreed yes. Jo and Gabe left with a smile on Jo's face. Gabe starts thinking there is something strange about Jo and Jo starts getting close up to Gabe. Gabe thinks there is something mysterious about Jo and asks Teddy for help however, Teddy just says that shes just probaly shy. Gabe spys on Joe as she calls her friend (whos a vampire) talking about how shes going to bite Gabe tonight.

Gabe however, gets scared and goes into the other room. Jo enters asking gabe if they wanted to goto sleep and Jo insists of them sleeping in a black tomb. Gabe asks about beds and Jo said that they arent any in her home. Gabe goes to sleep and he traps Jo in a web. Jo confesses she is a vampire and Gabe asks why she wants to drink his blood. Jo says that a vampire must drink blood to survive and how she loves blood. Gabe asks if she still wants to bite him and Jo goes to sink her fangs in his neck however, she has feelings for him and decides not to.

Jo and Gabe decided to spend more time together meanwhile Teddy keeps getting calls from Kathy "Erica" about hanging out. Teddy says No I dont agree nor Approve this message. "What do you mean you don't agree with Kathy Keener, Do you have any idea who your'e dealing with" said Kathy "Erica" as she spoke to her daughter Jo to stop seeing "Gabe" and Jo goes dissapointed and goes hiding in her coffin. The Episode ends with Teddy rejecting the very last mails from Kathy off her phone saying, If you have a Crazy Friend whos annoying, Good Luck Charlie".

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