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Confronting Skylar
Season 3
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Little Orphan Hilda
PJ's A Dad
Last time, Skylar found an Orphan Hilda that PJ had when he wasn't looking.


The Next Day, PJ's girlfriend Jen came to th Duncan House. Jen confessed to PJ that she had been pregnant with their baby and that its been almost a year since, she had it and told him that she recently escaped. PJ told Jen about finding an Orphan named Hilda at park. Jen then said that her baby was named Hilda and she escaped recently. PJ thinks he had met his long-lost daughter and tells mom. Mom (Amy) is shocked that she has been a secret grandmother and said that he better find her. Skylar had stolen the baby off PJ when he wasn't looking to get revenge on Jen for how jealous she was. Skylar bumps into PJ when they weren't suppose to see each other and he tells her about the situation. Skylar reveals the baby and lets Hilda go home with PJ and aplologizes to PJ. Teddy and Ivy accedently broke the telephone so they couldn't connect on their phones. In the Livinh Room, Gabe is seen flirting with Jen as she rolls her eyes just as PJ enters with a baby Hilda. Jen is thrilled and the Duncan family have a toast. Teddy however, is grounded a week for electricuting the phone and must spend her pocketmoney buying a new phone for Amy for loads of dollars. The Episode ends with Teddy on the Cam telling Charlie about the baby situation and how never destroy a phone. "Never burn a Phones, Cause if you do... ...Good Luck charlie".


  • PJ is a father meaning Bob and Amy are grandparents.
  • Bob is only ever seen in the Toast-Dinner clip.
  • Skylar returned to New York after this episode.
  • This episode mainly revolved around PJ.
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