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Betty Duncan
Gender Female
Age 32
Portrayed by Kim Rhodes
Family and Friends
Siblings Bob Duncan
Parents Frank Duncan
Children Shanon Duncan

Sydney Duncan

Love Interests Dan Duncan (former husband)

Devon Deveto (current husband)

Friends Amy Duncan
Enemies Karen (just like Amy)
Pets Sophie (golden retriever) photo below
Bob Duncan's Sister and aunt of PJ Duncan, Teddy Duncan, Gabe Duncan, Charlie Duncan, Kayla Duncan, Allie Duncan, Toby Duncan

When she got married to her husband she loved her name so much she kept it that way and Dan kept it to.When she was pregnat with her son Shanon she was happy she was starting a new family but tragedy striked when she fought with her husband and demanded a divorce.Shanon decided to live with his mother but still sees his father.Betty is also looking for a new husband to keep the family going.She also loves her white golden retriever Sophie.She is currently married to a guy named Devon Deveto. (DA-VEE-TOE)

Just like Amy she hates Karen (the girl that used to work with Amy)

IMG 1969

Sophie Duncan