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  • Mariam Joe
  • Kevin Jenkins
  • Amy Duncan
  • Allie Duncan
  • Charlie Duncan
  • Kayla Duncan
  • Toby Duncan

In the house, the doorbell rings Mariam: I’m here to babysit Amy: Finally! Be good my babies! Amy leaves Mariam: Come here children A herd of children ran down the stairs Mariam: 2, 3, 4. Well this can’t be so bad. A 10 minutes later… Mariam: Children it’s stor- Charlie stop drawing on the walls and Toby don’t touch the stove and Allie & Kayla don’t climb on the cabinets. Oh boy (Theme Song)

(Doorbell rings) Marion: Come in. Kevin: Wow! What a mess! Mariam: I know, right. I’ll clean up, you put them to bed. Kevin: Okay A few hours later… Mariam & Kevin: That was a lot of work! Kevin: Let’s order a pizza to celebrate! Mariam: Sure. A half-hour later… (Door Bell Rings) Kevin opens the door Pizza man: Pizza’s here Kevin: Thanks. Kevin closes the door. Mariam & Kevin eat, then falls a sleep (Doorbell rings) Amy: Hello?